Emily Katz

Portland, Oregon

Sustainable fashion for women.

made with love in Portland, Oregon

Floral Culotte Romper from Emily Katz Crop top in creamsicle from Emily Katz Hand Painted Crystal dress from Emily Katz

Little Otsu

Portland, OR

Little Otsu is a Portland-based publisher dedicated to collaborating with like-minded artists and designers to create books and pr…

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Living Things Series Vol 3 by Hannah Waldron from Little Otsu Autumn Card by Becca Stadtlander from Little Otsu Chair Card by Gracia Lam from Little Otsu Block Party Suite Card by SCUBA from Little Otsu Everyday Magic 2014 Calendar by APAK from Little Otsu



I went to school to become an architect because someone told me I couldn’t. Sometimes being stubborn is what gets you through it a…

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hanging drop from STUBBORN DESIGN WORKS show or hide your heart: necklace from STUBBORN DESIGN WORKS 3Pillow from STUBBORN DESIGN WORKS 3 drop necklace from STUBBORN DESIGN WORKS cluster necklace from STUBBORN DESIGN WORKS

Walnut Studiolo

Portland, OR

Hand-tooled, hand-stitched leather wares designed for function and beauty, and made with love in my workshop in Portland, Oregon. …

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Leather Drawer Pull - The Sellwood 12' from Walnut Studiolo Leather Blueprint Tube from Walnut Studiolo Bicycle Pocket Pannier from Walnut Studiolo Leather Bike U-Lock Holster - Rack-Mounted (for 5.5' x 7.25' U-Lock) from Walnut Studiolo Cribbage Board Belt (Cribbelt) from Walnut Studiolo


austin, tx

rachel ann lavin grew up in ny. she loves ny, but she loves warm weather even more. she’s lived in atlanta, providence, boston, po…

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'class' ring from pio silver bar with wiggly balls pendant from pio meshugenah from pio 'ingrata' necklace from pio ring with silver tube forest and gold ball from pio


Portland, OR

All our products are handmade in Portland, Oregon. We curate an artist series of laser engraved leather covers which slip seamless…

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Faces by Ryan Bubnis from engrave Owls by The Mountain Label from engrave Spirits by Leonor Morais from engrave Girl On The Hill by Amarillo from engrave 'Drawing Yourself Into a Corner' Moleskine cover by Neil Doshi from engrave


southern maine, usa

PLEASE READ: we are away from our studio until late august! drop us a line before ordering to discuss timelines!! thanks!

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farrah ring - lovely violet from lovinganvil THE ring worn by Ms Esperanza Spalding on stage at the ACADEMY awards, 2012 - massive and fabulous agate heart knuckle ring from lovinganvil fierce brass knuckles from lovinganvil snow white farrah ring from lovinganvil kinetic engagement ring from lovinganvil


Portland Oregon

Bruno is a tribute to my grandmother and all of the awesome women in my family.
It is her maiden name.
She is tenacious, makes …

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ALVAR bag in brick from xobruno ALVAR bag in navy from xobruno TREMÉ hipsak from xobruno ALVAR in tobacco from xobruno PRYTANIA tote in Brick from xobruno


Portland, Maine

Bobbin is a design and production studio located in Portland, Maine. We produce a variety of modern accessories for your wardrobe …

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The Opulent Project.

Portland, Oregon

Opulent: amply or plentifully provided or fashioned often to the point of ostentation.

TOP” investigates opulence within the…

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Portland, OR

MOUFELT, Modern Objects Utilizing FELT, is an independent design studio started in 2007 by Jeanie Lai to explore wool felt, a simp…

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Donut felt table runner (11x67) from MOUFELT. llc Wool felt asterisk ornaments from MOUFELT. llc dots wool felt + wood earrings from MOUFELT. llc Circle wool felt rug from MOUFELT. llc Asterisk wool felt pin from MOUFELT. llc


Portland, OREGON USA

Decorative skins are nothing new. We’re not here to re-invent the wheel, we just make it look good. We believe Apple products dese…

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Wood Skin - iPhone 4 - Natural Walnut from RECOVER

Cynthia Vardhan Ceramics

Columbus, OH

All of the wares listed here are handmade by me on my potters wheel in my cozy little studio. I use a bright, translucent porcela…

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Single Green Dish from Cynthia Vardhan Ceramics Single Creamy Bud Vase from Cynthia Vardhan Ceramics Single Peacock Green Bud Vase from Cynthia Vardhan Ceramics Single Yellow Bud Vases from Cynthia Vardhan Ceramics Single Cream Dish from Cynthia Vardhan Ceramics

Mike Perry Studio

Brooklyn, NY

Mike Perry (www.mikeperrystudio.com) works in Brooklyn, NY. Making books, magazines, newspapers, clothing, drawings, paintings, il…

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