"Water" Mixed Media Screen Print


'Water' Mixed Media Screen Print from DVSNRY
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10″×15″ Mixed Media Screen Print, Limited Edition, Individually signed & numbered, each piece hand painted and printed, each one a little different then the next.

Frame not included, but available

Water is a source of life and a natural resource that sustains our environments and supports livelihoods – but it is also a source of risk and vulnerability. In the early 21st Century, improvements in human development are threatened by a deepening global water crisis.

In a world of unprecedented wealth, almost 2 million children die each year due to lack of clean water and adequate sanitation. Millions of women and young girls are forced to spend hours collecting and carrying water, restricting their opportunities and choices. And water-borne infectious diseases contribute to poverty in some of the world’s poorest countries.

As competition for this scarce and invaluable resource mounts, we see the environmental costs: collapse of water-based ecological systems, declining river flows and large-scale groundwater depletion. Conflicts over water are intensifying within countries, with the rural poor losing out.

Solutions cannot just focus on access to water, but on access to a safe, clean and sustainable water supply.

Source: 2006 United National Human Development Report

Simple Solutions?

Where to start in a world where 1.2 billion men, women and children do not have access to clean drinking water? Start simple, like installing play pumps on school grounds to extract water (www.waterforpeople.org); distributing round, ceramic pots which filter water in a safe and sustainable way (www.filterpurefilters.org); holding fundraisers to promote and finance building water wells and pumps (www.winetowater.org); and installing water filtration systems to ensure quality (www.waterhealth.com). Each of these simple solutions can have a big impact on communities and prevent stupid deaths related to water crises.


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