Tetrad Flat Shelving - Multi-Color Backings (5 Block Set)

Brave Space Design

Tetrad Flat Shelving - Multi-Color Backings (5 Block Set) from Brave Space Design
Tetrad Flat - 5 Block Set
Ships to: United States, Canada
Ships in 4-6 weeks (Made to Order)


This version of our Tetrad Shelving uses the Tetris-inspired shapes to create modular shelving for your home or office. With wooden sides and multi-color metal backings, the Tetrad Flat is a modern, lightweight shelving unit giving you endless configurations in your space. Blocks can be attached to one another, to the wall or left free floating for life-sized, living room game play. And no, the bottom line doesn’t disappear when you make that perfect configuration.

Also Available:
- In 10 Block Sets

(Shelf Depth: 9" ) See dimension image for per block sizes.

Birch Finland Ply (wooden sides)
Multi-Color steel backings


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