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SMS: Complete Set from The MVA Studio
“Stay On Your Grind”
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You know how you see those big, beautiful, minimalist Josef Müller-Brockmaan posters and you wish you had one in your crib? Well, we wish that we did as well, so we made some.

The “Supreme Mathematics Series” is a series of four typographic posters exploring the forced overlap of many passions: ideological Swiss typography, contemporary mixtape rap and inspirational messages. Like Müller-Brockmann, Slim Thug and Benjamin Franklin met up for a beer.

Set includes four signed and numbered hand-screened posters in an edition of 25: Stay On Your Grind, No Days Off, Make It Work For You, and Keep It Thoro.

Sized at a healthy 22.5 × 34″ to remind you that there will be plenty of time to sleep when you’re dead.

Prints ship flat via USPS First Class mail and are insured for their full value.


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