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sonic (cassette tape) fedora from alyce santoro
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the joseph beuysian sonic fabric fedoras are a limited-edition project hand sewn in new york city by my designer friend julio cesar. sonic fabric is woven from 50% recorded audio cassette tape and 50% colored thread. the fabric is actually audible if you run a tape head over it! (if you’d like a demo, please visit my youtube channel at alyceobvious.

the idea behind the hat is that the wearer becomes a beacon for other-dimensional, intangible, subtle forces of good…much in the manner of a superhero. only this part of the superhero garb can be worn on the outside in any environment without detection!

the sound collages recorded onto the tape for the current batches of fabric come from my cd between stations, and is based on looped and layered samples collected on and under the streets of nyc.

the fedoras come in two colors: dark brown (woven with brown tape and black thread) and black (black tape, black thread). please specify brown or black, and medium or large (if you can provide head size in inches as well, that would help us to accurately determine your size). each comes packaged with descriptive cardstock label.


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alyce santoro

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all SONIC FABRIC goods are AUDIBLE! rub a tape head over them and they EMIT SOUND!