Mora Mobile // cherry veneer

Schmitt Design

Mora Mobile // cherry veneer from Schmitt Design
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Brian Schmitt, 2008

Like falling leaves, this mobile’s organic shapes suggest the cycles of nature. The piece is named for after the Moraceae, or fig, plant family by which the leaves are inspired. Crafted from rich cherry wood veneer, the leaves’ halves are tabbed together along the spine, giving the components dimension and a radiating grain that suggests the veins of a leaf. Oval perforations let a bit of light through to enhance the airy effect.

Environmentally responsible wood veneer yields considerably more usable material from each tree than solid wood lumber. Mora is available in Forest Stewardship Council-certified cherry veneer.

Each mobile is unique as every one is individually balanced to acheive the perfect silhouette. Please note that the use of natural materials will also result in unique coloration and form.

View the process behind this mobile.

- maximum diameter: 30"
- overall height: 18"

- linked by clear monofilament and metal hardware
- finished with a non-toxic blend of beeswax, carnauba wax and orange oil
- arrives with ceiling hook and adjustable length of hanging line
- intended for interior installation only


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