INGRID- walnut brooch


INGRID- walnut brooch from MANOLO
brooch front
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INGRID had four husbands, but non of them was the right one.
She decided to move to London and start new life. She opened a Bar and she is very happy.

Brooch is 5.5cm high and 4.1 cm wide.

Collection “Las Chicas de MANOLO” Manolo’s girls.
The origin for this collection comes from Henri Toulouse Lautrec’s drawings. As many artists, Lautrec was stimulated by females in various aspects. The collection ‘Las Chicas de MANOLO’ pays tribute to women as well. Manolo’s girls have different personalities, hobbies and backgrounds. I use an image of woman as it is most adorable and stunning subject. The different representation of characters are intended to suit different occasions for various audiences / costumers.


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