"Food" Mixed Media Screen Print


'Food' Mixed Media Screen Print from DVSNRY
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10″×15″ Mixed Media Screen Print, Limited Edition Individually signed & numbered, each piece hand painted and printed, each one a little different then the next.

Frame not included, but available

Of the 1 billion undernourished people in the world, 143 million are children under five years old. Food security—the ability of all members of a community to access enough nutritionally adequate and socially acceptable food for an active, healthy life—helps ensure that communities, not just individuals, thrive.

A common misconception about food shortages is that they are always associated with famine, but more disturbing is the unpublicized and prevalent malnourishment of hundreds of millions on a daily basis due to insufficient food intake. Poverty is the main cause of this malnourishment, whereby lack of income makes the purchase of supplemental food inconceivable.

Many of the afflicted live in rural communities, and practice subsistence farming. Only 4% of arable land in Sub-Saharan Africa is under secure water management, which means that nearly every farmer is dependant on rainfall to sustain not only their livelihood, but their one source of food as well.

Further complicating the picture is the inability of small producers to afford the investment in other inputs (fertilizers, improved seeds, or technological implements like irrigation systems) that would ameliorate the difficulties that poor soil quality presents.

Source: Partners in Health

Simple Solutions?

Zanmi Agrikol (Partners in Agriculture) approaches this problem with a more long term solution by investing in training agricultural workers in sustainable agriculture techniques.

Sometimes when a country is facing extreme drought and famine there just isn’t time to wait for the next crop. Companies like Nutriset and Insta Products develop and deliver solutions for prevention and treatment of malnutrition, particularly for infants and young children.


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