Fashion Top «Skeletons No. 4» Tencel / Organic

Bon Matin

Fashion Top «Skeletons No. 4» Tencel / Organic from Bon Matin
Bon Matin Fashion Top Skeletons
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Bon Matin!

«La Desuetude De La Chair» – this are Squelleto et Squelleta, who cannot stop dancing!

Here we have «La Danse No. 4» as a fashion shirt. The print is on the left side, sitting on your hip, and goes party over the side seam. Inside we have a small Bon Matin logo print.

Our fashion shirt is made from* Lyocell / Tencel® *material: the eucalyptus fiber. It‘s a super fine and soft material that keeps cool and fresh in the summer time, but will also warm you during the cold days. Lyocell is the most eco-friendly industrailly produced material available these days. It comes from cellulose solely taken from the FSC-certified wood of eucalyptus trees.

The shirt has a wide cut which is perfect for an easy layer look. Neckline and sleeves are also wide.

Made with love: The production of this shirt is Fair Wear certified.

Let‘s dance!


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Bon Matin

Düsseldorf / Germany

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