DOME sterling silver woodgrain ring

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 DOME sterling silver woodgrain ring from Ball and Chain jewelry
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A cocktail ring fit for a forest elf.

DOME” is a tall ring, showing woodgrain swirling around the entire ring, one knot on one side, 2 on the other.

This unique ring is a collaboration between my husband & I. He is also an artist, a painter & printmaker, so he has applied his engraving techniques the the domed wax ring shape I have made.
this ring was carved directly into wax, engraved with hand drawn faux bois texture, and then cast directly into sterling silver using the lost wax process.
I have oxidized this ring to give the engraved lines a dark finish, and then the surface was wire brushed to highlight the wood grain texture. ridges will shine slightly with wear. interior is a satin finish.

band is 5mm wide at bottom, 9mm wide at the top domed area, dome stands 8mm above your finger.

I ship to the US and Canada.
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