Customized Metal Stamped Gold Plated Collar Stays

Avant Garde Design

Customized Metal Stamped Gold Plated Collar Stays from Avant Garde Design
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AGD presents…Customized Metal Stamped Gold Plated Collar Stays

Featured in Instyle Magazine (Dec 2013)

Please let me know what you would like metal stamped during PAYPAL checkout or by sending me a message on Supermarket. (Please note that I will copy the text EXACTLY as you tell me to, casing and all).
IF no message is specified, I will make the collar stays exactly as shown on the image.

The perfect customizable gift for any guy. Collar stays make dress shirts extra spiffy!

Collar Stays are just under 2 1/2 inches long.

The name and numbers may not line up perfectly as they are stamped by hand. These imperfections make metal stamping unique and fun and not considered a defect.

The font is Arial and each letter is 1/8 inch.

I can do lower case/upper case letters, numbers, period, ‘&’ sign, exclamation mark, a heart, hash tag/pound sign (#), question mark (?), quotation marks ("), parenthesis(), . (No Comma)
The collar stay will fit 6-7 letters comfortably.

Comes in the gift box shown.


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