Big Horn Sheep . Flora and Fauna . 8x10 Print

Misha Ashton Photography

Big Horn Sheep . Flora and Fauna . 8x10 Print from Misha Ashton Photography
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Big Horn Sheep
Double Exposure Series . Flora and Fauna
New York, NY USA 2011
8×10 inch photograph
Limited Edition
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This image is from a new series I am working on, where I photograph animals at natural history museums and then rewind the film and shoot through the roll again, and then boil the negatives to create a beautiful mess of imagery.
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Prints roughly measure 6”x8” on 8”x10” paper. Fits perfectly in any 8"x10" frame. It comes sealed in a polypropylene sleeve with a mat board backing.
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Photographs are taken with 35mm film and are printed exactly as they turn out in an alternative developing process [none of my images are photoshopped]. Each image is printed on 100 year archival photo paper with photo chemicals. They are signed and dated with where they were taken.
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