I Feel Like A Number

Melanie Favreau

I Feel Like A Number from Melanie Favreau
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I made this pendant after having such a great experience(yeah right!…) at my local gouverment service center. That kind of place where you take a number, (you know those yellow tickets you try to get out of those red round plastic dispenser) you sit down, then you wait…you wait…you wait…I then you get in a small office where a nice lady says: “Unfortunatly, there’s nothing we can do for you.” Say What?!?! Luckily for me, there’s still art! So I took this ticket and made a smaller one in sterling silver with " I feel like a number" on it and a 3 digits number. The one that you see on the picture, number #1, is for me :) It’s a limited edition pendant, there will be only 100 of them, each one with a different number. You won’t know which number you’ll get, like each time you got to get one and wait…wait…wait…

Handmade in sterling silver (925)

2" L X almost 1" W

Please note that the chain is NOT included but, you can buy one in my store.


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Melanie Favreau

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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