Brooklyn, NY

RE-SURFACE produces a range of lighting and interior decor objects with art at heart & design in mind.
Designs by Donna Brady

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MORE-LIGHT: KENT from RE-SURFACE DESIGN ON SALE!!   3-pack of D-LIGHT pillar candles from RE-SURFACE DESIGN SOLO:  star from RE-SURFACE DESIGN MORE-LIGHT 18' pendant lamp : MARCY from RE-SURFACE DESIGN DEKALB / BLOCK-LIGHT rectangular pendant lamp with diffuser from RE-SURFACE DESIGN

This Ilk


A modernist in the ornamental universe of lace…

Lace is to textiles what gold is to metals and diamonds to rocks

*The st…

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Mera_Waterfall lace earrings from This Ilk I am not a bikini, I am jewelry (lace and chain) from This Ilk  Leia Tower lace and chain earrings from This Ilk Octopussy_Octopuslong lace earrings from This Ilk Mera_Ocean Ripple lace necklace from This Ilk

Foxglove Accessories

Chicago, Illinois

Hello! My name is Betsy and I’m the force behind Foxglove Accessories. Each Foxglove piece is a unique collection of postmarked st…

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French African Postage Stamp Studs - Brown from Foxglove Accessories Indian Postage Stamp Cuff Links from Foxglove Accessories Aruban Postage Stamp Ring - Size 6 from Foxglove Accessories Finnish Postage Stamp Ring - Size 9 from Foxglove Accessories Yugoslavian Postage Stamp Ring - Size 5 from Foxglove Accessories

The Painted Lily

Lancaster, Philadelphia PA


I started my career as an artist in the performing arts arena as a professio…

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Boston Map Coasters from The Painted Lily Kilim coaster set on stone from The Painted Lily Faux Bois Coasters - Cherry Wood from The Painted Lily Alice In Wonderland stone coaster set from The Painted Lily Haeckle kaleidoscope drink coaster set from The Painted Lily


brooklyn, ny

Marianne van Ooij is a Brooklyn based Dutch designer who works in a variety of disciplines, including textiles, furniture design a…

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Test Cards from studioooij  Monica coasters from studioooij  Finally Free? coasters from studioooij  Cowhide coasters from studioooij

studio orijin


funny accessories

picture frame from studio orijin wooden breadboard frog from studio orijin candleholder - four.in1 from studio orijin wooden breadboard owl from studio orijin wooden breadboard cat from studio orijin


Montreal, Canada

NOEMIAH - Deep Blue Sea - Feather and Chain Necklace from Noémiah R e n d e z - v o u s . Blush Pink Irridescent Bleached Peacock Feather Bracelet from Noémiah P L U M E E // F L E C H E E . Earrings . 5 . from Noémiah Murmures en novembre - Feather bracelet  from Noémiah R e n d e z - v o u s . Large Blush Organza Barrette Bow, Statement Gold Shark or Vintage Chevron from Noémiah

Vicky Fong

San Francisco

Boy from Vicky Fong Milk from Vicky Fong Couple from Vicky Fong Lights from Vicky Fong Open from Vicky Fong

Sharp Shirter

We are dedicated to creating high-quality and humorous products that revolve around the relationship between animals and humans. S…

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Jaws & Paws Women's Deep V-Neck from Sharp Shirter Persian Queen iPhone 5 & 5S Case from Sharp Shirter  Slothzilla Samsung Galaxy 3 Hard Case from Sharp Shirter Haymaker Men's Tee from Sharp Shirter Deer Forest iPhone 5 & 5S Case from Sharp Shirter


Toronto, Canada

Latvian designer Agni Tilla never leaves her home without a watch on her wrist. Struggling to find interesting, colorful and affor…

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11:53AM MAY28TH WATCH from May28th 02:11PM MAY28TH WATCH from May28th 12:38PM MAY28TH WATCH from May28th 01:53PM MAY28TH WATCH from May28th 01:14PM MAY28TH WATCH from May28th