sonic sails at samstag museum


if you find yourself in the southern hemisphere, please come see my sailboat sails made of sonic fabric (textile woven from recorded audio cassette tape – the same stuff my ties and totes are made out of) at the technothreads exhibit at the samstag museum in adelaide australia. the opening is wednesday, oct 29 from 6 to 8pm.


sonic fabric ties in time out


my sonic fabric ties were featured in timeout ny! i think the article was in the pipeline before i started selling on supermarket … but it does mention the other place they’re available…the new museum shop in manhattan!


improbable report

the latest news from the center for the improbable!

during the weekend of oct 10-12, many of the philosoprops featured here will be exhibited in marfa, tx during the famed annual donald judd-fest chinati weekend.

also, a set of sailboat sails made of my sonic fabric (audible textile woven from 50% recorded audiocassette tape…same stuff i make the neckties from) will be part of the
coded cloth show at the samstag museum in adelaide, australia.


Designer info

alyce santoro

marfa, tx

Bulletin from alyce santoro

all SONIC FABRIC goods are AUDIBLE! rub a tape head over them and they EMIT SOUND!