4 New Reel to Reel Screen Prints Now Available


I’ve created four new screen prints celebrating the classic design of 1950s -1970s reel to reel tape recorders.

These are a bit special because they are the actual size of the machines themselves, and have separate metallic card stock reels that attach and spin.

Pick up one, two, or the whole set for yourself or your favorite audiophile!


New Leica M3 Camera Print


I’ve gotten quite a few requests to make a Leica camera design, so here it is. The classic Leica M3 camera as a matted print for just $25.


My Prints in GQ Magazine


A few of my prints that are available here on Supermarket appear in the October issue of GQ Magazine.

Here is a link to the article.


New Raygun Prints Now Available

There are 3 new large Raygun Prints now available. You can view them here.



4 New Prints in My Shop

I’ve just added 4 transistor radio prints to my store. You can view them here.