fuzzy grapefruit is moving!

Some bittersweet news:

At the end of this month, fuzzy grapefruit will be relocating from The Windy City (Chicago) to Space City (Houston). The online shop will remain open until August 20th, and will then be temporarily deactivated until I’m able to get settled in the new location. Any orders placed before August 20th will be shipped out on a regular schedule (2-3 business days from date of purchase). I anticipate having the online shop up and running again the first or second week of September. Although it makes me sad to leave Chicago, I’m excited about the new opportunities that Houston brings. Stay tuned for updates, Chicagoans, I will miss you dearly!

Lots of love,
Allison (‘fuzzy grapefruit’)


Hello Supermarket World!


Hello all!

I’ve just joined the Supermarket community and I’m so excited to be here. I’ve been eyeing the really impressive work on here for quite some time, so it’s great (and humbling) to be able to have my notecards next to such talented designers. Being the rookie that I am, I’m still in the process of making tweaks to my shop. If you have a moment, I’d love to hear your comments, questions, suggestions, etc!

Thanks a bunch,
Allison (fuzzy grapefruit)


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fuzzy grapefruit

Houston, TX

Bulletin from fuzzy grapefruit

Currently on vacation!!! All orders placed after Aug 25th will be shipped Sept 8th. Thank you, xoxo