Balkantango’s Terms of Sale

Balkanatango’s Terms of Sale for Private Customers

The following conditions apply to sales and deliveries to private customers, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

Balkantango points out that its products are made of recycled used bicycle inner tubes, subject to individual alterations such as patches, originóal prints. Balkantango accepts customers’ orders on the terms and conditions of this website. In case of mistakes in writing, miscalculations or misprints we have the right of repudiation. We deserve the right to make alterations in construction, design, shades of color as long as the object in question is not substantially changed or improved and said change is
deemed acceptable for the client. This includes our website illustrations, price lists and catalogues.
Deliveries to merchants are governed by the Hungarian Commercial Law.

Customers are responsible for registering the shipping-, billing address and all other personal data in our order system correctly. Accepted methods of payment are with PayPal or bankcard. Customers will receive an order confirmation via e-mail. After receipt of payment, the ordered parcel will be without further agreements shipped
within 3 business days out of the Balkantango warehouse located in Budapest, Hungary to the customer’s registered address.

Our delivery partners are Schweizer Post for Switzerland & Deutsche Post for the rest of the World. The actual cost of shipping and handling will be indicated in our online order
system. We ship everything reasonably insured. Please note that customs clearance and security checks might increase delivery times considerably. If a parcel is returned, because the address was incomplete or incorrect, the customer refused to accept it, or he did not claim the goods at his/her post office in due time, the customer will be charged for the return shipping to Balkantango. Damages caused by the transportation or limited losses of goods are to be confirmed by the deliverer.

Shipping costs will be added automatically during the ordering process. For costumers from the EU, webshop prices include the óHungarian VAT. For costumers from Switzerland, webshop prices include the Swiss VAT.
Outside the EU&Switzerland, there is no VAT added. Additionally, outside the EU&Switzerland, custom duties or taxes may be imposed. These fees may vary from
country to country. Recipients are responsible for any applicable customs duties and taxes in their country.
We will bill the marked price and shipping fees.

Force majeure, production disruptions, strikes and other hindrances that we are not responsible for either at our place of business or that of suppliers exempt us from the
obligation to make delivery for the duration of disturbance, or its consequences.

As soon as goods have been turned over, either to the transport company or to the client, the risk of accidental destruction or deterioration becomes the responsibility of the client.

We maintain the right of ownership of goods supplied by us until the client has met all demands and claims resulting from his business relationship with us.

Material defects to goods delivered by us are covered by a guarantee for a period of twelwe months. Our guarantees are in accordance with legal requirements, at our
discretion we will either repair or exchange the defective parts. If the repair work is not successful, the client has the right to cancel the contract or request a reduction in price. If goods are repaired while under guarantee, the guarantee is not renewed or extended. Liability under the terms of the Hungarian Product Liability Act (Ptk. 305. § – 311. §) is
not affected. The repair work or exchange of the product will be fulfilled at our Basel Atelier (4057 Basel, Feldbergstr. 74, Switzerland) and the customer is responsible for
handing or shipping the product there.

We ship everything reasonably insured, but we are not liable for damage caused during transportation. Such damage should be reported to the transportation company in writing after receipt of the goods. Missing goods must be confirmed by the Transportation Company in writing.

We are obliged to adhere to the stipulations of the Hungarian Data Protection Act (2011. évi CXI. tv.). Client data is used exclusively within the company and is under no circumstances made available to third parties. Balkantango is entitled to send newsletters as long as the customer is does not ask for deleting his/her data.

The place of fulfillment for deliveries and payments within Switzerland is Basel, and for the rest of the World is Budapest, Hungary. The court of jurisdiction for contracts with merchants and legal entities according to public law is within Switzerland is Basel, and for the rest of the World is Budapest. Furthermore, we have the right to initiate legal
proceedings against customers in their place of residence. Respectively Swiss or Hungarian law is applicable, without the possibility of recourse to the UN Convention on
the International Sale of Goods (CISG).