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Redwood Tree Swing- Limited Batch

May 07, 2014


SMALL BATCH OF REDWOOD TREE SWINGS available in 24" and 32".
We found some gorgeous pieces of antique Redwood from a 19th Century water tower in Philadelphia and have made a very limited run of Redwood Tree Swings in both the classic 32" and a single 24" swing (select from drop-down).

We had as much fun photographing the swings as we did making them and discovering the wood. Walter climbed up the tree like a monkey just to have someone phone the fuzz on us- ah Spring! It has been a while since we took photographs with an audience in uniform…

Great for olde massive trees and free spirited folk, this listing is for a tree swing made of reclaimed olde growth redwood that was once a water tower atop a 19th century Philadelphia building. The seat is finished with natural tung oil. The rope is 3/4 Manila with 695 pound tension limit. It is looped through the seat and secured with a fisherman’s knot with 5 loops. Each side comes with 25 feet of rope to attach to a tree branch or metal pole, and instructions on how to attach to the branch. On average, plan to use 5ft to 7ft of rope to tie to the tree. If you need more length of rope let us know how much (It will be $2.00 a foot) and we will adjust the price. We do not take any responsibility for the ruckus and mayhem that may occur on this swing.

Inches: 32 inches wide, allows for 27 inches of sitting room by 7 inches deep and 2 inches thick.
Metric: 81 cm wide, allows for 69 cm of sitting room.



Aldermere Egg Tray

May 07, 2014


Aldermere Egg Tray, 2 shapes, each holding a dozen eggs. Made from reclaimed Cypress.
As we often say, the objects that we make stem from our own personal need. And though I can boast of breaking only two (and they were a sad two!) of our chicken’s eggs, we have been needing a tray that would inhibit the free roaming nature of our eggs upon our table as well as something of simple beauty that would show off the likewise, simple beauty of the eggs that are one of nature’s fascinating edible offerings.
Eggs, only fairly recently plucked from normal living and exchanged for the thin-shelled, pale-yellow-yolked, less healthful, factory farmed eggs, prove ever-fascinating in our household. At a recent celebration of our eldest boy turning 6, there was much excitement with the discovery of one warm blue egg. One boy tapped it against the coop, insisting it was not real (fortunately the thick shell saved it from cracking). His sister then scooped it up and held it as carefully as one would a wounded creature or precious treasure! She ran like the Pied Piper with all of the children in tow to the kitchen where even the non-children were impressed…
Our egg tray is built from reclaimed Cypress from 19th century mushroom farms.
MEASUREMENTS: (select option from drop down menu)
Inches: 14 wide x 5 deep x 2.5 tall
Metric: 35.5 cm wide x 12.5 cm deep x 6.5 cm tall


Limited Edition Bloom Pouches

May 07, 2014


As this prolonged chilly winter – long having extended its icy fingers into our beloved Spring – finally dispels, I walk through the garden as seeds stir beneath the soil and extend their tiny sprouts upward to that warm and welcoming sun.

In anticipation, we sifted through our field of vintage zippers in the warehouse and extracted a Springy new batch that inspired our new Bloom pouches- quantities are limited to the number of zippers we uncovered.

There are 9 varieties which include:
Marigold, Buttercup, Tulip, Pansy, Dirt, Clay, Dahlia, Calendula and Wild Indigo.
Select colour from drop down menu – colours detailed in last photograph.

The pouch is constructed of waxed canvas – Truffle – and has a large gusset, which allows the pouch to sit open for easy access that will inhibit the contents from escaping. As with all of our bags, the more this is used, the more broken in and cozy it will get.

-waxed canvas
-vintage zipper
-leather brand from an antique WWII Gun Sling
-brass rivets

Inches: 8 1/2" wide by 3 1/2" tall with a 2 1/4" gusset
Metric: 21.5cm wide by 9cm tall with a 5.5cm gusset

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New to Supermarket (sort of)

May 04, 2014
by Mabel


Greetings Supermarket community! Mabel is a baby clothing line that is happy to join all of you – a “Supermarket baby” if you will. Although we’ve been here lurking in the depths for a while now the store finally has a decent number of products posted and we are ready for business. More to come for sure!

So, if you are interested in a retro modern take on kids clothes and are having a tough time finding duds for the little dudes in your life please come by and visit.

Also, feel free to creep on me at:

Until next time…. talk soon


El Dot + Possible

May 01, 2014


Possible is a New York based non-profit “working to make healthcare possible in the World’s most impossible places”.

Their grit, determination and the impact they have in the lives of remote, poor people in Nepal inspired us to contribute. El Dot is donating 20% of all sales in May, 2014 to Possible. Purchase our Mindful Furniture & Accessories and help bring high-quality, low cost healthcare for the World’s poorest people.

For more information about Possible visit