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May All Your Dreams Come True Greeting Card

June 23, 2014


May All Your Dreams Come True Greeting Card. Card front reads: May All Your Dreams Come True. Inside reads: Even the scary ones.

A little bait & switch. Front appears pleasant and nice while the inside punchline goes dark. Front printed letterpress, two colors blue & black. Inside printed 1 color black. Cards come w/plastic protective liners & matching blue A2 envelopes.


May 3rd 2014 – Fashion Fundraiser

June 21, 2014


Studio Revola was happy to be associated with Elle Carnival – a fashion fundraiser that supports the Ogaan Cancer Foundation. The event was held at the Taj Westend Hotel, Bangalore, India on May 3rd.


Warmer Weather

June 19, 2014


Shooting with expired film on a regular basis, I’ve learned that they tend to work best in warmer weather – well, the Polaroid films, definitely do. For this reason, I"m more likely to carry many more cameras in the Spring and Summer than in the Winter. I always have my options, and choose the best one for the occasion. That, however, doesn’t guarantee that the film is going to behave accordingly.



June 17, 2014
by May28th


We are thrilled to present to you our versatile and stylish bike seat covers! Whether you’re seasoned cycling enthusiast or a bike share newbie, our bike seat covers provide a pop of color and personalization for your beloved mode of transportation.

Inspired by all our travels and love for design, these bike seat covers measure 10.2" wide x 10.2" in length (26cm wide x 26cm in length) and universally fits all bike seat sizes, saddles, shells and paddings. Made from nylon material with double lining and laminated seals, these patterned lovelies will keep your bike seat protected from harsh weather and elements (but so fashionable for your behind!)

With 10 designs to choose from, our bike seat covers retails for US$12! Happy shopping!


Visit Our entirely new M&U Co. Made in USA website

June 16, 2014


Click Here to see our entirely new M&U Co. Made in USA website