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Guest curator: Agni Tilla

December 05, 2011

I’m a Latvian born entrepreneur and designer. While living in Toronto, Canada in 2010 I founded May28th Watches. A year ago my husband and I relocated to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where I keep creating new watches and in partnership with Canadian jewelry designer Gillian Johnson, run May28th from three locations – Toronto, Kuala Lumpur & Riga. 

You can find me on Twitter @may28th.

What Agni thinks is Super…

Wall Numbers
By uncommon

All of us probably have a few meaningful numbers in our life. Why not turn them into a wall decor. I will start with 28. 

Circular Mousepad- Parasol
By Poketo

Haven’t used mouse pads in years but this one is welcome back on my desktop any time. 

Mischievous Mustache Monkey
By Friends of Socktopus

As a first time mother of my two month old son I just can’t resist any fun looking toys.. and sock monkey is a classic.

Atom Linen Pillow Cover
By be still homewares

Love the pattern of this pillow. 

Paintchip Placemats, Set of 4
By Avril Loreti

These are the best looking placemats I have ever seen and would probably make me paint my dining room in one of the colours after a while.

Cable Knit Ceramic Cups
By Reshape Studio

Since I moved to Malaysia there are times when I miss cold weather and wearing a sweater. These cups are so cozy that they will even make ice water feel like a hot cocoa.  

Bright Booklet Set
By OrangeBeautiful

Beautiful journals for creative and bright ideas.

Big Bow Canvas Tote Bag
By soraam

The tote bag I own and it’s great! 

Chalkboard Skull in Sweet Magenta
By iamhome

Who wouldn’t take a look at this colourful skull? Your memo definitely will be noticed.

World Landmarks Acrylic Ring Set
By plastique*

I admire plastique*’s work of simple, smart and trendy pieces of jewelry. World landmarks ring set is my favorite.