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ardeola has just arrived on Supermarket

November 19, 2014
by ardeola


ardeola is the name of this newcomer store on Supermarket. We design jewelry and home decor items – currently all made of plywood using precise laser cutting technology.
Check out our store now here and check back regularly as we keep on expanding our collection week by week.
Happy browsing.


2014 Leonid Meteor Shower

November 17, 2014

How To See ‘Shooting Stars’ Monday Night
2014 Leonid Meteor Shower


New Necklace Collection – DARE

November 16, 2014


My jewelry presents the concept for how to integrate the new and old materials with a refreshing & simplistic design approach. It is not just about making new beautiful things with new materials, it is more about going back to the wild vintage stores, old bead stores and REVIVE these forgettable, discontinued but treasurable gems. Simply because for one reason: they arouse imaginations. They deserve better, and I want to bring these inspirations back to life.

So here, I am proud to claim my pieces are truly One of a Kind since they can’t be repeated more than a few times. Each piece reflects soul and attitude and they aim to reflect the effortless beauty of women.

See Anne Poon


Night Sky Collection

November 15, 2014


My Night Sky Collection is finally here!

Star gazing up north is one of my favourite summer pastimes. The night sky adorned with infinite pinpoints of light and accented with the occasional flash of a shooting star, both relaxes and entertains me and my cottage guests. We often challenge each other to see who can spot the most dramatic light show or the most constellations.

This collection of rings, earrings and pendants endeavours to capture that beauty as a wearable piece of night sky.

All of the pieces are available in your choice of a brushed silver or black oxidized finish.


Exotic Ear candy!

November 15, 2014
by NKHenry


We are excited to debut our exotic leather jewelry collection on Supermarket!

Our first pieces include cheetah and lizard/reptile embossed leather.

Lia, Vixen and Max are bold, sexy earrings for when you want to turn heads but can also be worn everyday…

Stop by our shop and let us know what you think!